Quasilinear equations and singular problems


Front and InteRfaces in Sciences and Technology

Initial Training Network of the European Commission
(Grant Agreement Number 238702), PITN-GA-2009-238702.

Tours June 4,5,6 2012

The aim of this worshop is to present recent progress in the theory of quasilinear partial differential equations and systems, singularities, blow-up of solutions, equations with measures data and their applications.

The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University François Rabelais in Tours. The following speakers have already accepted to deliver a 45 mn lecture

Matania Ben Artzi (Hebrew Univ. Jerusalem)
Lucio Boccardo (Univ. Roma 1)
Ildefonso Diaz (Univ. Complutense Madrid)
Danielle Hilhorst (Univ. Paris 11)
Philippe Laurençot (Univ. Toulouse)
Moshe Marcus (Technion, Haifa)
Ireneo Peral (Univ. Autonoma Madrid)
Francesco Petitta (Univ. Valencia)
Alessio Porretta (Univ. Roma 2)
Pavol Quittner (Bratislava)
Jean-Michel Rakotosson (Univ. Poitiers)
Philippe Souplet (Univ. Paris 13)
Alberto Tesei (Univ. Roma 1)
Igor Verbitsky (Univ. Missouri)
Vincenzo Vespri (Univ. Firenze)
Fred Weissler (Univ. Paris 13)

Program and book of abstracts: click here

There will be a poster session. PhD students and Post Doc are encourage to participate and to propose a poster. Accommodation will be available on the campus of the Faculty of Sciences

Contact : Laurent Véron (Université de Tours, )