The Madaca project is project supported by the region Centre. You can find a french version of the project here.

Practical Information


Madaca's Events

  • Journée de rentrée : Thursday the 11th of September in Orléans
    • → Program pdf
    • → Slides of Jean-Philippe Anker's talk (in french) pdf
    • → Slides of Cedric Lecouvey's talk (in french) pdf
    • → Slides of Sebastien Dutercq's talk (in french) pdf
  • Winter School : from the 5th of January 2015 until the 9th in Tours. Page Web

  • One day meeting : Thursday the 19th of March in Orléans. Program pdf

  • Workshop in Orléans: from Tuesday the 29th of September to thursday the 1st of October
  • Final conference of the project in 2016 : June 20 -- June 24 in the domaine de Chales. Web page of the conference


You can find some references on the different subjects of the project on the following page .